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Turn your Followers into your Influencers

Ecko Metrics helps brands identify their top 1% of fans and create an active community of brand advocates.


Word-Of-Mouth marketing, multiplied by the hive mind

Boost your reach and engagement by up to 200x

Ecko Metrics is at the crossroad between a software company and a PR agency. Our team has cumulated decades of experience in marketing and Public Relations, helping top brands across the Middle East build their social presence and leverage on it to increase brand loyalty and consequently, sales.


What We Do

Analyze and Engage

Connect with your true fans

After we have identified your most active and engaged followers and fans on your social media, we use a combination of natural language processing and standardized metrics to select the top 1% of your fan base. This community will have the highest loyalty to your brand, communicate efficiently with their own entourage and have the potential to represent positively the values of your brand.

Create communities

Your community is like a hybrid loyalty programme- consumers get rewarded for creating content, amplifying brand content and giving feedback- like a focus group 2.0. Do you want to target a very specific group? Our analytical team will find the right audience within your own existing followers.

The power of User-Generated Content

Benefit from such reward program by re-using the high quality content created by your fans. Reduce your photoshoot costs, engage with your audience through their own production. Win-win situation.

100% Tailored to your needs

At Ecko Metrics, we believe the best service to be provided is always 100% tailored. We sit down with your team, discuss your objectives and prepare a fully customized analysis to define the right communities, rewards, and planning.